LED poultry lights provide significant benefits for poultry growth. Our poultry lights are designed to mimic natural daylight, these lights help regulate the circadian rhythm of poultry like chickens, cows, broilers, birds, and so on influencing behavior and feeding patterns. Energy efficiency and longer lifespan reduce operational costs while ensuring a consistent light source. Emitting less heat than traditional lights, LED poultry lights create a comfortable environment that promotes healthier and better ventilation. Customizable spectrum enables farmers to tailor lighting conditions for optimal growth, making LED lights a valuable tool for sustainable and efficient poultry production.

  • Wide beam angle, to achieve the optimal uniformity

  • High protective level IP69K

  • Anti-ammonia and corrosive-gas resistance

  • 0-10V Dimming

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Long lifespan to 100,000hrs

  • Round body design without dirt retention




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