The Solify Pro supplemental LED lighting is designed with high power output for indoor farming and greenhouse projects. It offers a direct replacement for HPS-type grow lights on a 1-for-1 basis. This LED grow light features a compact fixture with high efficiency, and notably, it casts the narrowest shadow during sunlight hours. Tailored to promote the growth of indoor plants or cultivation in greenhouses, this grow light includes an adjustable dimming design. This allows for versatile use across various stages of plant production. Whether you are cultivating cannabis, strawberries, vegetables, or other plants, these grow lights are designed to enhance productivity." Feel free to let me know if you have any specific preferences or further adjustments to the LED grow light you'd like!

  • High protection level IP66, directly washable by water gun.

  • Reliable and robust performance, long life more than 40,000 Hrs at Q90

  • Replace 1000W HPS one-to-one saving 37% energy consumption.

  • 100-240VAC,100-277 VAC&277-480 VAC, meets requirements of varied projects.

  • Can customize T-shaped interconnection cables according to the project requirements.




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