The newly designed FlorAid UV FR supplement light will enhance your cultivation facilities in one action. There is no need to spend more to buy grow lights with built-in UV chips. FlorAid uv grow lights can be easily attached to other lighting fixtures, and quickly installed on the racks. Controlling as you wish with the independent switch. UV light for plant growth aims to Improve the secondary metabolites and nutrient content of crops, if you want to use uv lights for your plants, please feel free to contact us to make grow lighting solution.

  • Most effective UV bands are all included;

  • IP66 protection level. More reliable and more durable.

  • Built-in driver. Simple and convenient to install and use;

  • Unique integrated UV+FR spectrum help boost flowering and growths;

  • High-grade quartz glass. Ensure the effective penetration of light in various bands;

  • Up to 36 interconnections, fully meet the demand of large-scale facility applications.

  • The uniquely designed fixture end can be easily attached to other grow lights or grow racks.




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