Chicken Sheds

Artificial lighting is one of the key factors of environmental control in layer breeding industry. Choosing suitable LED lights and adopting scientific and reasonable lighting systems, such as light rhythm and light intensity, can effectively promote the growth and development of laying hens, improve production performance, meet animal welfare, and save energy consumption. LeDinPro farm lights are easy to install, cost-effective and easy to operate. Can significantly increase production.

Livestock Farm

Through artificial lighting control of laying hens, broilers and sheep’s light and dark time distribution, higher productivity will be obtained. The innovative second-generation LED developed by LeDinPro exclusively for Livestock, LedConex Farm is now available. It is very resistant to ammonia and dust and has better light output and uniformity. Make poultry get overall health, promote food intake, growth, and enhance fecundity. Economical, high-efficiency, energy-saving, will bring a continuous return on investment for livestock owners.