Solify Max grow lights for Greenhouse

Now customers/end growers prefer LED grow lights with power over 800W. They not only need to increase the power but need to increase the PAR value to increase the medical cannabis flowers yield. At the same time, most customers ask for PPFD of 800-1200μmol/m²/s, some customers even need 1500μmol/m²/s. Therefore, Solify Max, the 840W lights has been released.



  • The Solify Max 446 series is designed as supplemental lighting for the greenhouse.
  • Its small size design of it with a length of 950mm ensures virtually shadow-free.
  • Full-spectrum makes it fit all the growth stages of the general plants.

Technical Principle

Solify Max provides growers the choice of different efficiency 2.5μmol/J and 2.8μmol/J to meet different PPFD requirements. High power 840W and high efficiency ensure higher PAR value, the PPFD of Solify Max can reach 1000-1500μmol/m²/s, which speeds up the plants' growth and increase the harvest. Aluminum housing, passive cooling, and tempered glass ensure a long life span and warranty: 6 years warranty(design lifespan at Q90 60,000 hours) and high protection level: IP66.

Solify Max can be worked together with our smart lighting management system: HarveStation. HarveStation is combined by the PAD, Host controller, Par detector, Dimming Controller and Dimming Amplifier. It supports DLI automatic management, controls the dimming of fixtures, and develops detailed lighting strategies.

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