Led Grow Light for Indoor Cannabis 



 led grow light cannnabis



SECTOR: LED Horticulture Lighting

CROPS: Cannabis, leafy greens


TECHNOLOGY: Led Grow Light 351



Energy-efficient LED grow light, highly recommended!!!

This is the perfect LED light for growing plants from early propagation to full maturity - especially if you want to cut your lighting bill in half. The full spectrum white light not only grows plants great but is also pleasant to work around (those blue/red LED grow lights drive me crazy). Good light intensity, over 100 micromoles/sec, and very energy-efficient LED technology. High-quality construction and waterproof design exceed expectations. Multiple lights can be connected together with either a cable or the end-to-end male-female connectors. The best feature is the ease of installation - simple even for a novice. 5 Year warranty gives me peace of mind. Highly recommended!!!

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